Michel Legrand « Umbrellas of Cherbourg»

Michel Legrand « Umbrellas of Cherbourg»

Michelle LEGRAN is the musical genius of our time. Colorful French chanson, music of the cinema, musical - everything that the maestro touches acquires great fame, and the music of the composer surprisingly touches the soul and inspires the most valuable thing that we have - life!

On March 3, 2018, on Saturday, at 18:00, the State Kremlin Palace invites you to the grandiose event of the first month of spring - a concert by Michel LEGRAN "Cherbourg umbrellas" with the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA". Sincerity of love, the flame of feelings and the dramatic nature of life - all this is revealed in the creative activity of the great Frenchman in the form of more than two hundred works for movies and individual royal melodies written by the three-time Oscar winner and five-time Grammy Award winner.

A special moment to plunge into the atmosphere of the feelings of the legendary history of the "Cherbourg umbrellas" and open these tunes in a new way at the upcoming concert. Indeed, thanks to the film, the composer gained world fame. A unique concert program from Michel LEGRANA, includes the most famous of his own works, musical dedications to the great compositions of French cinema, as well as to the American cinema cousin Barbra Streisand. The maestro will appear in all his roles - composer, pianist, arranger, conductor and even singer.

Seventy musicians of the Symphony Orchestra "Concord Orchestra" and the legendary master will create an impressive stream of feelings penetrating literally into each listener. It is a remarkable fact that for the sake of this concert, the permanent conductor of the famous orchestra, the Italian Fabio Pirola will give up his console to the great Frenchman. On this day the maestro Michel LEGRAN will conduct the orchestra.


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