The concert «Spring Caprice»

The concert «Spring Caprice»

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The world famous singer Vladimir Matorin and soloists of the Bolshoi Theater orchestra "Brass Ensemble" Caprice "under the direction of Honored Artist Leonid Chistyakov are invited on March 14, 2018 for the musical evening" Spring Whim. " At a concert in the Central House of Architect you will hear masterpieces of ensemble and opera classics, as well as famous folk songs.

People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Matorin is one of the most beloved artists of the Bolshoi Theater. For many, he is a standard and a living illustration of the concept of "Russian bass." Vladimir Matorin performed the leading parts of the bass repertoire: Boris Godunov, Ivan Susanin, Galitsky, Konchak, Dosifeya, Khovansky. The national treasure, the "big bass" of the Bolshoi Theater is called Vladimir Matorin at home and abroad, where he is usually met as a miracle-hero of Russian music. It is hardly possible to call now the vocalist, whose concert activity would be so national and non-elite - he truly is a national favorite. And who else in the Matorinskian way in fine, textured, juicy will sing the playful song "Street, street" Dubyuk, "Flea" Mussorgsky or razuhabistuyu "Along St. Petersburg", will catch the soul of the long folk "Steppe and steppe around ...".

All participants of the brass ensemble "Caprice" - soloists of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. During the existence of the ensemble traveled half the world. In 2005 the brass ensemble "Caprice" was recognized as the best musical ensemble of the year. He has numerous awards and diplomas of prestigious festivals. The concert recordings of the ensemble were repeatedly broadcasted through the channels of the European Broadcasting Union (European Broadcasting Union). Brass Ensemble "Caprice" has a wide repertoire - classics, popular jazz compositions, folk sketches, modern rhythms and puns. Soloists of the opera perform together with the ensemble popular arias and duets from operas and operettas, folk Italian, Ukrainian, Russian songs, masterpieces of jazz and world pop. Particular pride of the ensemble are joint entries with the idol of the Soviet stage - People's Artist of the USSR Muslim Magomayev.


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