The leader of the Redskins

The leader of the Redskins

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    Recommended age 6+

A sparkling Comedy based on a humorous story by O. Henry about two hapless robbers who, badly in need of money, decided to diversify their activities to kidnapping for ransom. Having stolen Tomboy, fraudsters had hoped to get rich quickly on Catalonia rich daddy, but it was not there. A seemingly clever idea of criminals must go through easy and easy, all their plans for the big fly in the dust, rolling on the pranks and antics of the obnoxious boy, who calls himself the Leader of the Redskins. He believes that is in a fascinating hike, not in what not wanting to go back home. Not only is this enfant terrible imposes their captors, not knowing already how to get rid of Tomboy, playing by their own rules, bringing them to despair.


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