The adventures of Peas 1 and 2 series

The adventures of Peas 1 and 2 series

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    Recommended age 4+

Sweet pea and meadow of miracles - 1 series theatre project adventure Peas. From this performance, the children and adults can discover the secret of power and discover your own priceless treasure. Every child and adult when he wants to achieve something in his life, is faced with a dilemma: what can he do and what can't. From this belief, as a rule, depends, can he achieve what he wants or not. The first part of the play is devoted to this very important topic: "what we can and can't do." The second part of the show is dedicated to the equally important topic: how to learn to manage their attention to achieve this goal. This knowledge is necessary to achieve what she wants to achieve a child or adult in your life.


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