Theatre «Russian song»

Theatre «Russian song»

Moscow, Olympic Avenue, 14

Modern theater "Russian Song" is located at: Olympic Avenue 14. Unlike the former theater building Hope Babkin new ground in modern style and absolutely universal. The new theater will not be tied exclusively to the traditional folk culture: on its stage productions are planned for the various events.

Capacity - 1,000 seats. Depth of transforming the site - 200 seats automatically extended if necessary to expand the parterre - allows you to spend as a chamber concert or performance in a small cozy room, and large-scale event, calculated per thousand viewers. Everyone feels comfortable in an easy chair spacious but cozy theater. On the quality of acoustics hall is one of the leading places in Europe. As for the technical equipment, playground equipped with the most modern technical means.

Huge walk-in closet, spacious hall of the theater allow hospitably take a lot of viewers. Due to the large number of spacious dressing rooms, and in this regard the possibility of comfortably accommodate artists and technical personnel, is available at the theater holding a large and complex events. Guest specially equipped halls on the first, second and third floor. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen and snack bar.


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