Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye manor

Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye manor

Moscow, Prospekt Andropov, 39

Territory "Kolomenskoye" is part of the Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve.

Kolomenskoye - one of the oldest human settlement on the territory of modern Moscow. Archaeological sites are located in the surrounding area, indicate staying here Stone Age (V-III millennium BC.). In the I millennium BC. on the banks of the Moscow River and its tributaries in the region of the future villages Dyakova and Kolomna, there are numerous unfortified settlements ("Villages"), an ancient Finno-Ugric tribe.

The history of the village of Kolomna connected with the events of medieval Russian history. According to legend, it was founded escapees after a hard battle and the terrible devastation of the Mongolian residents of Kolomna. The first written sources that mention the name of Kolomna were testaments (wills), 1336 and 1339. Moscow Prince Ivan Kalita, "And behold I give unto his son, Andrew am ... Kolomninskoe village, the village Nogatinskoe ...".


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