TFG Tishinka

TFG Tishinka

Moscow, Tishinskaya Sq., 1c1

Cute every Muscovite quiet old center of Moscow transformed. In the 18th century the road, crossed the arable land turned into a large Georgian street on it formed Tishinskiy market, which during the existence has become very popular among the Muscovites.

November 29, 1996 on the site in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow after reconstruction was opened a modern trade fair, which blends harmoniously into the overall architectural ensemble Tishinskaya area.

On the third floor of the Exhibition Centre «T-Modul". Exhibition and presentation package provides a unique exhibition space, different conceptual and design innovation. A cafe "Penthouse", located in the center of the room - this is the perfect place to meet and socialize, work and relax with excellent coffee, intelligent public and lovely interior.


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