Клуб RED

Клуб RED

Moscow, Bolotnaya emb. 9, Building 1

RED - a new multi-Concert Hall in Moscow, located in the famous confectionery factory "Red October". The club is located right on the banks of the Moskva River in the historic and commercial heart of the metropolis on Bolotnaya embankment.

RED can rightly be called as the crown of long-term Interteyment-story complex, and the successor to several high-profile club capital projects.

RED will bring together key areas of the entertainment industry for the realization of the finest and most relevant projects on the same site.

Multifunctional stage space and the concept of the club hall (panoramic area of ​​the stalls, two tiers of balconies with VIP-lodges) allows you to focus on the area live concerts to 1500, thematic and night parties, and of course, private functions of the generalist. The room is equipped with advanced sound and light equipment meeting the most exacting demands of discerning customers and international artists, as well as a large LED screen on the entire back wall of the stage, allowing to perform in a club show of the highest level.


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