GlavClub Green Concert

GlavClub Green Concert

Moscow, Ordzhonikidze st., 11

The club just a year ago acquired a new name - YOTASPACE. And with a new and rather unusual name and got a new birth. Now to the company name, the sponsor of the club, adding another conceptual word "Kosmos" or "Space» (SPACE), which expresses the changes that have occurred to its interior. At the moment, many are painted in shades of cyan corresponding palette (between the blue and green). And the style of decorative elements emphasizes the modern concept of the club.

During the year, here it is held about 100 concert performances. Enough well-known groups and soloists happy to respond to the invitation of the club management to perform on stage YOTASPACE. The sound and technical equipment allow to achieve the fullest possible impact during concerts, in spite of the musical direction, which is in one way or another band or artist. What is not only played: New metal, new-wave and punk rock, enduring classics - any current musicians feel on the club scene at home.

About 500 000 visitors are happy to spend their evenings here from year to year. The most popular local dancefloor. A three comfortable wardrobe and allow you to quickly jump the queue to serve constantly arriving guests. Seven bar counters, but also hidden in the depths of the club's VIP-area and free vayfay provider - what else could you ask for?


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