Moscow Gubernskiy Theater

Moscow Gubernskiy Theater

Moscow, Volgograd Prosp., 121

In 2013, the theater and its artistic director was awarded the National Prize. Elena Mukhina in the category "Innovative breakthrough".

Provincial Theatre was the result of the creative merger of two regional theatrical institutions - the AN Ostrovsky and the Chamber Theatre. The artistic director of the newly created offspring became Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, well-known as his inimitable playing on stage and in film shooting - Sergei Bezrukov.

After celebrating his birthday at the beginning of 2013, the same year the Provincial Theatre was awarded the first prize for its innovative approach to providing convenience for any viewer. Theatrical music fans with disabilities and the blind are now without any difficulty can get into the room and even watch the show. Specially equipped with an elevator and a ramp auxiliary facilitate the movement of disabled persons in the building. And accompanying tiflokommentary allows the blind to enjoy the formulation at the level of ordinary viewers. In the theater, this was the most modern equipment, and some of the actress, including Irina Bezrukov, managed to acquire special skills and craftsmanship tiflokommentatora.

At the moment, unfortunately, not all the performances still have such support. However, the "Found a cut diamond", as well as the well-known "Pushkin" are displayed only when accompanied by clear for the blind tiflokommentariev. On the way a few performances with a similar service.


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