Club Volta

Club Volta

Moscow, Bumajniy passage, 19/3

Almost in the center of Moscow is the club for those who appreciate good music and quality sound. It is surrounded by a range of creative photographic studios, theaters and several private areas reserved for rehearsals. Volta is known for famous and talented singers, rock bands and composers, whose names can often be found on the Club poster.

Also quite relaxed and democratic atmosphere prevailing within the club environment and offering companionship and dating, to Volta has its own bar with inexpensive but high quality drinks and restaurant. Pay for dinner or a drink, you can use payment card, but the entrance fee - cash only. Not far from the club located convenient paid parking spot.

However, the most remarkable in the club call it a concert hall. The scene is striking for its size, however, as the ground floor. No less remarkable acoustics of the hall and technical equipment, which allows to provide not only light in the room, but additional effects. On the stage the stage of Volta club has acted no less, as the young bands, and has long been proven performers.

VIP-sector, which is a sufficient number of seats, is slightly above the Club orchestra. This allows for a more complete overview of the scene. It can also order any dishes from the restaurant or bar, that will bring the club waiters.


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