Theatre Yermolova

Theatre Yermolova

Moscow, Tverskaya st., 3

Theatre in the shopping mall appeared in the twenties of the last century, when graduates Schepkinskogo School, charmed the great actress Maria Yermolova decided oranizovat theater vzyaz her name as a banner (Ermolova, by the way, gave his consent).

And in the thirties of the last century, there was a guest - the Meyerhold Theater, which employs Erast Garin, Mary Babanov, Leo Sverdlin, Zinaida Reich. The current Theatre. Yermolova began in 1970 when, as artistic director of the troupe came Vladimir Andreev, who directed the theater over the years - even in dashing the nineties, when the theater is not able to withstand the highest wave stagnation and split.

Today, next to the older generation of young artists working ermolovtsev. Continuity of generations - that's what has always been strong theater. Mainly in the works ermolovtsev is an ordinary man with all his weaknesses and vices, with its conflicts, suffering and happiness. Remains what always told Theatre: good and evil, love and hate, power and destiny.

In 2012, the artistic director of Theater. Yermolova became Oleg Menshikov.


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