Hermitage Garden

Hermitage Garden

Moscow, Carretniy rjad st., 3

Strictly speaking, a garden "Hermitage" was not always the way we used to see him. Even he was located in a different place: in 1830 almost to the end of the XIX century located Bozhedomka he was the first in Moscow Recreation garden with pergolas, flower beds, theater, stage, coffee shops and pavilions.

By the 850th anniversary of Moscow's Garden changed, it has been restored many historical buildings.

In 2006, in a garden "Hermitage" was established a large silver heart "Monument to all lovers". The monument is a composition of the pipe length of 70 meters, which are bent in the shape of heart. Inside the monument are the bells that are ringing in the wind. Is giving that love, that first kiss under the metal heart will be happy, and their feelings are strong and vibrant life.

In 2004, the garden "Hermitage" noted 110 anniversary of the foundation. Although the garden is beautiful, and just in itself, each year enter a new chapter in its proud history. Here it is good. It is the resting place of Moscow.


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