Izvestia Hall

Izvestia Hall

Moscow, Pushkinskaya sq., 5

Izvestia Hall - the main venue for the Moscow quality programs large and medium formats.

The "News Hall" was created as a multi-multi-functional space, the main task is to gather under one roof in the heart of Moscow completely disparate segments of the B2B event, and B2 from corporate event to a mass rave. At the same time important, the quality of services marketplace provides its guests was the level that does not allow them to distract from the main thing - what is happening on stage.

Pushkin Square, where a new hall was built, as many years ago, is today the true center of cultural and business activity, not only Muscovites, but also for the numerous guests. The building of the publishing house "Izvestia", which is located on the territory of the new hall, for many years, is, along with the monument to Pushkin - a key Moscow artifacts.


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May 25, 23:30 Sa
1000 - 3000

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