Orlovka village, Sevastopol

Orlovka village, Sevastopol

Crimea, Sevastopol, Orlovka village

Orlovka village located near the north side of Sevastopol. We pay attention to the word north. Sevastopol bay is divided into two parts - north and south sides. Between the northern side and the southern side of the sea ferries go directly to the center of Sevastopol. The price of 12 rubles, yes, you heard right, it is 12 rubles.

Before the ferry can be reached by bus or coach. Before Orlovka have to go, take a ferry from the square Zakharova 36 bus. Or not a refiner, and go to the bus 137m from the south side of the square Ushakova. Public transport in the vicinity of the station make trolleys, buses and taxis. In addition, on the forecourt can always find a taxi passenger, it is a comfort and a breeze will bring the entire city and neighboring towns.

To get to the village of Orlovka several possible ways and means of using both public and private vehicles - taxis. Whatever transport you did not get the path will be full of wonderful impressions from the kinds of our great city and its environs, especially to those who first arrived in Sevastopol.

Save a lot of time and effort to get comfortable in the village of Orlovka directly to the rest of the festival and will help you expelled from the airport to the train cab.


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