Tver region, Bolshoe Zavidovo

Tver region, Bolshoe Zavidovo

115 km. Route Moscow - St. Petersburg

Large Zavidovo - areas include: the village Zavidovo Zavidovo station, pos. Novozavidovsky, the presidential residence "Zavidovo" leisure complex "Zavidovo" station "Konakovsky moss." This coast Ivankovo ​​reservoir, called "Moscow Sea", a place where the waters merge into the great Russian river Volga and captivating Shoshi.

The territory of the Big Zavidovo is located in 97 km from Moscow and near the National Park Zavidovo. Within a radius of 40 km are Zavidovo Tver, Dubna, Wedge. According to the Big Zavidovo M10 motorway, near the Oktyabrskaya Railway.


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