Theater Kinoactor

Theater Kinoactor

Moscow, Povarskaya st., 33

Theatre actor - the world's first permanent theater Screen Actors Association, and its history - is a special chapter in the annals of the national cinema, and in the history of Russian theater.

An important milestone in the history of the theater was the collaboration with the Summer Film Academy Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, People's Artist of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov, as well as joint projects with the State Academic Chamber "Vivaldi Orchestra" under the control of the People's Artist of Russia Svetlana Bezrodnaya.

Now the troupe - the acknowledged masters of cinema - Inna Makarova, Oleg Strizhenov Tamara Semina, Tatiana Samoilova, Larissa Luzhin, Valentine Telichkina Gennady Yukhtina Tatiana Tashkova Vladimir Kozelkov and young actors including Catherine Vulichenko, Yekaterina Volkova Darya Sagalova Yuri Garkavi and many others. The repertoire of the theater - the performances of the works of Pushkin, Chekhov, Goldoni, Beaumarchais, Lope de Vega, Arbuzov, Vampilov Wilde, Eugene Schwartz.


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