Theatre of Pushkin

Theatre of Pushkin

Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 23

In Theater of Pushkin put tradition and modernity, thus maintaining the interest of any audience, combine tradition and innovation. Performances take place on the main stage and the stage of the branch. Main Stage - is a large, spacious room that has all the "steps": the parterre, amphitheater, dress circle balcony and boxes of different levels.

The theater dates back even to the Chamber Theatre AY Tairov opened in 1914. Since 1950, the theater received its present name. In 1984 it was completed a large-scale restoration and reconstruction of the theater, which made the building of the theater more practical and, at the same time, more beautiful than it was. They were restored rooms of the mansion, their original appearance. Not so long ago in the lobby of the exposition dedicated to the history of theater. Pushkin, starting with the 50s and ending our time.

The theater is quite a large cast, presented as actors troupe (V. Alentova, I. Bochkin V. Wierzbicki, Begunova A., V. Isakov N. Marushin and many others.) And guest artists (M. Aronov , L.Golubkina, S. Lazarev, Vladimir Menshov, and. Yasulovich et al.).


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