Adrenaline Stadium

Adrenaline Stadium

Moscow, Leningrad Prospect, 80/17

Stadium Live (Live Stadium) absorbed the experience of the best venues of Moscow. Huge, almost in the city center, with a beautiful sound, he immediately attracted attention. By capacity comparable to Luzhniki Stadium, the purity of sound is not inferior to the Crocus City Hall. Care is and artists - make-up arhiterktura thought, they are spacious and the number of missing out on a great number of musicians.

Stadium is good from all sides: large capacity of the hall provides a lower entry cost, very long bar counter - about 140 meters - turn guarantees the lack of convenient input / output - either before or after the concert, the audience does not lose good nastrenie all gladly return to concerts Stadium.

As the European marketplace format Stadium ready to host events for people with disabilities. There are ramps for wheelchairs razmescheniyai equipped with a special platform. The large media screens allow you to see everything that happens on stage. The room can be arranged chairs and then the Stadium is ready to host conferences and presentations.

Absolutely justified Stadium Live Club is widely regarded as the best rock venue in Moscow. Three storey 9000 square meters, 8,500 people.


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