Theatre Postscriptum

Theatre Postscriptum

Moscow, Agricultural st., 24

Now the annual repertory theater is about two dozen diverse productions as the premier and the continuing relevance for decades. It plays as the authors of classical drama and unique staging, the play of talented authors and debutants contemporaries. Of course, not gone unnoticed, and the small theater-goers for whom go on stage nine performances. Increasingly theater is experimenting with his friends that bring languages ​​of other countries and continents. That is why neither statement is not like another.

The main aesthetic and creative achievement of the collective of the theater, we may consider to put into a special stage of his confidence and sincere language, like sweeping away all the boundaries between the audience and the stage at which it is impossible to dissemble and hide behind indifference form. The rate, in any genre, is always the truth, and the life actions and feelings arise. The decisive assessment of our creativity is always demanding exam viewers trust and complicity.


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