Palace Culture of Zueva

Palace Culture of Zueva

Moscow, Lesnaya st., 18

Place Culture of Zueva - one of the brightest and most famous models in the world of constructivism. Architect Ilya Votes designed this building in 1926. Start of construction was timed to the anniversary of the Revolution and in August 1929 the work was completed.

Was created under the influence of Cubism, the House of Culture is based on asymmetrically arranged regular geometric shapes. The compositional center of a vertical glass cylinder, which seemed "put on" the whole body.

The building with a large auditorium, a stylish glazed facade, a small band rehearsal hall and club room differs a clear and compact composition. Spectacular way the architect solved the spiral staircase from the foyer of the 1st floor to the audience, passing inside the glass cylinder.


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