Theatre Kuklacheva

Theatre Kuklacheva

Moscow, Kutuzov pr., 25

Theatre Kuklacheva cats - the only place on the planet where the name is not just animals cats and dogs, and proudly styled artists. They were given full freedom to express their maximum creativity. Once on the scene the magic curtain opens furry artists are happy to give the audience a holiday. Today, in the Crystal Castle cats live and work 200 cats of different breeds.

Good, but proud of the cat and the cat bronze meet you at the entrance. It - Talisman Theatre, "inviting cat", attracting good luck and at the same time magical cat - make a wish and rub the nose 3 times a cute animal, and the desire to necessarily true. Cats are everywhere. Even the door handles are made with images of cats. Marble floors on the ground floor is also decorated with cat pictures, with all cats are different.

A special pride of the theater - crystal stained glass windows. The color scheme of each of them is different, but at the bottom of the image are always present two large Egyptian cats that like guards loyal and faithful to protect the peace of the Crystal Castle. Unique works are a team of very talented people, headed by Anatoly Kozhukhov, they developed the concept of the lobby and the auditorium and is embodied in stone, metal, glass and wood. Cats curiously watch the visitors with numerous paintings of the chief artist of the theater - Catherine Kuklacheva.


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