Club 16 Tons

Club 16 Tons

Moscow, Presnensky Val Str., 6/1

"16 Tons" - club, a pub, a restaurant in central Moscow. The oldest of the existing English pubs. The first concert hall in Moscow, specializing in performances of guitar bands - later this format were founded many Moscow clubs. The variety of the menu and background music softly doing "16 Tons" great place for easy communication with friends and for business meetings.

The club "16 Tons" is named after the eponymous song by American composer M. Travis (Merle Travis), dedicated to the hard work of miners, which was written in 1946, but became popular only in 1955, after it fulfilled T. E . Ford (Tennessee Ernie Ford.

The song "Sixteen Tons" (Sixteen Tons) sounds before each concert, held at the club.


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