Club for children and mothers Mama's Dream

Club for children and mothers Mama's Dream

Moscow Lomonosov Prospect, 25/3

Club for children and mamMama's Dream - is an educational and creative activities for children from 0 to 12 years, employment for mothers with children, the area a short stay, workshops for children and adults, the holidays and birthdays, a cozy cafe and shop the arts.

The founders of the family club Mama's Dream dedicated themselves to the harmonious development of children. In young students awaken the joy of discovery and love of art. There are many creative works and developing studios, cafeteria and art shop where you can buy art supplies, books, and gifts.
For children from two years old and their mothers in the art-club holds group and individual lessons. In Mama's Dream presented a variety of areas: for example, music and art studio or a section of chess. The smallest set of activities addressed to "develop harmoniously" and English courses for the program ABC English & me. In the studio, "Sand in the palm," you can learn to paint with sand, and the sessions skazkoterapii - to deal with the problems, coming up with stories.


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