Theatre Shadow

Theatre Shadow

Moscow, Oktyabrskaya str., 5

Theater "Shadow" - a small Moscow theater of a married couple, Maya Krasnopolskaya and Ilya Epelbaum.

The theater was founded in 1988 and since then, the Maya and Ilya had time to try a variety of formats for their performances. It all started with shadow representations, each time coming up with a new way to surprise the audience. Now go to the theater mainly puppet. In the small hall (probably the "small" hall of Moscow, it is designed for 5 viewers) Tours of the "Big Royal Lilikanskogo Theatre" on the big stage is preparing for the opening of "A Doll's Cafe" and the culture of home gives "First Theatrical help".

Theater - 9-time winner of the "Golden Mask". Multiple participant and winner of festivals "Big Change", "Harlequin", "KUKART" and others. And as a permanent member of numerous festivals abroad in Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, USA and others.


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