The ship RIO 1

The ship RIO 1

Moscow, Park Kultury, Crimean bridge

Great vessel has a greater capacity and a stylish appearance. The ship "Rio 1" is equipped with the latest equipment and is based on modern technologies. It is considered one the biggest banquet ships Fleet of the Russian Federation.

RIO-1 is one of the most stylish and beautiful ships of VIP-class. All areas of the ship were made using modern materials of the highest quality. Due to light tones of the interior rooms have a light and airy look.

On the main deck provides everything necessary for a variety of meropriyatiy.Pomeschenie equipped with audio and video equipment, lighting, as well as the system "climate-control" that allows you to enjoy a triumph in any weather. Banquet hall is spacious enough, with an area of ​​more than 700 square meters.


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