Experimental theater drama nationalities

Experimental theater drama nationalities

Moscow, Seleznevskaya str., 11A/2

"Experimental theater drama nationalities" (the small peoples of Russia) opened a writer, playwright and producer Alex Lama Tench.

The mastermind behind the theater is the Artists Association of the Moscow Art Theater, where Alex Tench is a playwright. The theater will put mostly Buddhist plays Alexei Tenchoya, the first of which - "Siddhartha" (based on the novel by Hermann Hesse parable), as well as the play of other playwrights, ideologically close to the teachings of the Buddha.

The theater is conceived as the first Buddhist theater in Moscow. The mission of the theater - to acquaint the general public with the cultural traditions and spiritual values ​​of Buddhism, to promote mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples of Russia.


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