Center for Cultural Innovation «House of Scriabin»

Center for Cultural Innovation «House of Scriabin»

Moscow, Bolshoy Nikolopeskovsky lane, 11

This is a unique multi-media complex, which includes a concert hall, an exhibition space and an interactive class. Center for Cultural Innovation "Scriabin House" was opened in the former "apartment house" built in the 19th century, which is located in the courtyard of the Memorial Museum of A. Scriabin. The building was in a dilapidated state for more than 20 years, while the Department of Culture of Moscow and a half years ago, has decided not to repair the long-term construction.

In the second building Scriabin Museum, which will house the Center for Cultural Innovation, set up a concert hall with a visual transformation. In the hall is established high-tech equipment for the light-music experiments "in the spirit of Scriabin." The use of 3D-technology and video-mapping for a few seconds allows you to turn the hall into a "different space", whether the Red Square and Royal Opera House.

Center for Cultural Innovation "Scriabin House" aims to develop the ideas of the great composer of music visualization. As part of the Centre will operate a multimedia showroom and interactive class for children, where children will be able to compose music and to develop light and musical imagination.


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