Theater Event

Theater Event

Moscow, St. Seleznevskaya, d. 11a, p. 2

A visit to the theater - it's not just enjoyable evening. This joint being, communication and interaction of the actor and the audience, a little life lived together. Hence the title of the theater - the events. As one of the great "Theatre should begin not with the order of the ministry of culture, not from a formal concept, but" nowhere "out of nothing." That is exactly what our event was born - from the community of like-minded, who wondered about the concepts, not assayed market situation and just did what they could not do - Performances.

Directed by the theater's repertoire and expand selected for staging the most powerful works of world literature, certainly bringing in the material something special, do not hesitate to revive the masterpieces of bold decisions. So every performance - the breath of youth and current look at the eternal problem. Actors do not play - live on stage chamber by charging emotions and completely immersing you into the atmosphere of the play. The performances are very different in style, every viewer will find something for themselves: there are purely directing plays, but there are household items, built only in acting.


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