Club Solo

Club Solo

Moscow, Ryazanskiy Avenue, 30/15

Recently, the club moved to Ryazan prospectus, changed its name and became the entertainment center "Solo". But the overall concept has not undergone radical changes. At the moment, "Solo" - is three stories with a common name, but functionally different.

On the ground floor there is a Japanese restaurant "San teppan." On assurance of the management of the restaurant, seafood delivered straight from the kitchen of Kamchatka. In "San Teppane" you can not only enjoy Japanese cuisine made with these products, but also to sing karaoke.

The second floor is entirely given over to a karaoke club with a "fun atmosphere and unbridled dance". There is a disco bar. On Thursdays in the hall held r'n'b / hip-hop party on Friday and Saturday - a party with participation of DJs working in different musical directions.

Third floor - a restaurant with Russian and European cuisine; there are concerts of famous singers domestic platform and chanson. It regularly act as the master of places, and similar to the size of the artists - Anybody, Leps, Petlyura, "Lesopoval" as well, although less frequently, pop stars 90s - Agutin, Serov, Presnyakov senior.


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