Volleyball and sports complex Odintsovo

Volleyball and sports complex Odintsovo

Odintsovo, st. Marshal Zhukov. 22

The complex is a training base for teams of Super League "Iskra" and "District-Odintsovo" and meets all international standards that apply to sports facilities. The complex consists of three buildings combined: sports and entertainment, training and hotels.

The total capacity of the arena is 3,050 seats, which allows for international competitions. Technical capabilities allow and large-scale entertainment events. The hall can be installed stage equipment. The maximum size of a scene - 14h10 meters. Sports flooring was covered with carpet, is spread ground and playground turns into a concert hall.

Thanks to super modern audio equipment, the complex is able to accept and provide comfort and service quality artist at any level. Modern lighting equipment to extend the capabilities of the event. Its use gives a professional look to any program that does a simple celebration nastyaschim show!


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