Club Vysotsky

Club Vysotsky

Moscow, Vysotskogo str., 3

Oh so happened that the concept of "club," and the more "trendy club" often have we uzkomuzykalny sense. Offered the choice of a neon jungle and trance rhythms, kind heart teenager or dark antediluvian basement with broken-down equipment for rock concerts. Clubs with a claim to conceptual rare and take root poorly.

However, at this sad rule it appeared happy exception. In the center of Moscow, not far from the legendary Taganka Theater, opened the club with the promising title "Vysotsky". It happened the day after the 68th anniversary of the poet.

Vladimir Vysotsky is still "our everything". And his name, as banal as it may sound - a cultural symbol. And at the same time a symbol of the people's intelligentsia, and that is uncommon. Vladimir Semenovich is equally close and those who did not miss once Lyubimov premiere, and those who, like Tigran expressed Keosayan, "pants sit in doorways under a hoarse voice from the tape recorder".


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