Theatre Club «Fairy Forest»

Theatre Club «Fairy Forest»

Moscow, Dynamovskaya str., 1A

Theatre Club "Fairy Forest" - a team of professionals to create a channel "my joy" beloved by all children TV show about the life of animals in the cabin in a magical fairy forest Shishkin, and ensuring long-term TV show broadcast several channels.

Why theater? Because of public holidays in our "fairy forest" are funny children's plays and performances, which, by the way, like not only to children but also adults.

Why is the club? Yes, because "Fairy Forest" - it is also a social club, because on weekdays in our theater club are unique activities for children, preschool age children. And every class - is not just a lesson with the teacher - an expert in the field of early childhood development, this little puppet show, because our teachers are the helpers favorite doll children "Shishkin Forest".


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