Moscow Theater Courage

Moscow Theater Courage

Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val str., 33

For more than ten years working in the capital, "Courage" - Theatre concept with a bright, rich repertoire, a permanent company. The idea to create the theater appeared in the late 90s in the student community, held in 1998, the debut performance of the young team «Show must go on» in the House of Cinema. All-Russian recognition of "Courage" was in 2002, after winning the Cup of Humour: talking about the theater as a new, unique phenomenon on the Russian stage. In addition to the current repertoire of work, the team has become a permanent participant of festivals and concerts, he began touring abroad.

He currently has his own stage in the space of the ground floor shopping and entertainment center "Atrium" on the earthworks. In the foyer of the theater is a unique collection of masks, brought from different parts of the world and formed the original museum of theatrical masks.

"Courage" - the splendor of scenery, spectacular acrobatics, brilliant acting. The repertoire - unusual interactive performances for children from 3 years old, as well as original productions of Molière's plays, Griboyedov, Gogol, Babel, Voinovich, Lunar for an adult audience.


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