HC Brateevo

HC Brateevo

Moscow, Brateevskaya str., 16/3

Moscow House of Culture "Brateevo" was founded in 1985. The main mission - to give people a bright and cheerful art, to educate in the field of culture and to realize the creative potential of the population and contribute to the formation of a harmoniously developed personality and strengthen the unity of Russian society through the priority cultural and humanitarian development.

Today, more than ever, the modern state and society needs educated, erudite, educated people. In the education of the people and every one of you and is the great mission of culture. Aristotle observed that man happy leisure. Today, this idea is particularly valuable for the modern man.

In the House of Culture "Brateevo" a team of true professionals, dedicated to art and are in constant creative search. Educational circles, workshops, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and festivals is always pleasing to residents and visitors alike.


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