«Vysotsky house on Taganka»

«Vysotsky house on Taganka»

Moscow, Vysotskogo str., 3

"House of Vladimir Vysotsky Taganka" - it is a state cultural center dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky, the legendary poet and actor. After a thorough, continuous training in 1989, the museum opened its doors to worshipers. The son of a poet - Nikita Vysotsky, in 1996 became director of the museum and continues to lead to the present.

Vysotsky Museum is engaged in publishing and various studies related to the poet's life. The permanent exhibition is divided into three rooms with different themes. The hall dedicated to the theatrical career of Vladimir Vysotsky, there are parts of costumes and accessories, records and materials relating to the film-making process. In the second room you can find things of the poet and publications about him. Last exhibition hall fully conveys the atmosphere of the working office of the author, where his immortal masterpieces were created.


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