Theatre JIV

Theatre JIV

Moscow, Pravdy str., 24/3

Moscow "Theatre ALIVE" in Moscow - the place where you want to go as a family. Not far from the metro station "Savelovskaya" adjacent to the center of Moscow and is the theater. His are talented, have had time to make themselves known artists - graduates of RATA (GITIS) in 2010.

They went to the studio of professor, People's Artist of Russia Valery Garkalina. Under the guidance of a teacher of the course - Honored Artist of Russia Maxim Razuvaeva, lead actor of the theater "Contemporary" - fellow students decided to unite, to join the Muscovites and guests of the capital to perfect. As they learned to pop department, fluent ekstradno-jazz vocals, mummers, glorified new youth theater, converted into luxury presentation show.

While studying talented young guys managed to create such performances, which became famous after the entire theater capital. The performances of "Ballad of a fight", "On the verge of Spring" are well known to Moscow audiences, they have been positively assessed by critics. Today's repertoire consists of bright, enchanting setting, beloved by audiences of all ages - from preschoolers, ending with retirees.


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