Manor Kuskovo

Manor Kuskovo

Moscow, street Ynosty, 2

Kuskovo - a unique monument of culture of the XVIII century, one of the earliest samples of summer country residences of Russia. Manor, owned by Count Sheremetev intended for magnificent receptions of crowded theatrical festivities and celebrations; It has survived more than 20 unique architectural monuments, as well as the only one in Moscow on regular French manor park with marble sculptures, ponds and pavilions.

In 1919, the estate became a museum, and since 1938, after translation into a single Kuskovo Ceramics Museum in Russia was renamed the State Museum of Ceramics and "Kuskovo". Today - this is one of the world's largest owners of collections of ceramics and glass of different countries from antiquity to modern times.

Every year the museum organizes exhibitions; concerts of classical music; revived the ancient tradition of manor celebrations, receptions and celebrations.


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