Theatre of facial expressions and gestures

Theatre of facial expressions and gestures

Moscow, Izmailovskiy Blvd., 39/41

In Moscow, a lot of theaters. Grand Theatre, Theatre of Satire, Theatre of the Russian Army, gypsy theater "Romen" Jewish theater "Shalom", Operetta Theatre, Puppet Theatre, and so on. D. Each of these theaters of his repertoire, his own audience. Every citizen of our country can come in any theater, for every performance, and he will receive an aesthetic pleasure, which he is able to give a performance.

But there is a special category of people who because of their disability can not attend the theater, even though these people really want to ... They - they do not hear. And theater arts available to them. They are available almost all the country's entertainment industry: music, movies and pop music.

But the Deaf since 1963 has its own theater - a theater mime and gesture. He - the only one in our country and the first professional theater of deaf actors in the world. Performances in the theater go deaf in sign language and accompanied by a translation into Russian.


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