Striptease club «Virgins» Taganka

Striptease club «Virgins» Taganka

Moscow, Marksistskaya str., 34/10

Over Virgins worked designer, to whom it was given the task of three words: luxury, comfort and cosiness. For example, the club no chairs, just excellent leather sofas. Between the tables a lot of space, and even the bar area is so large that it is also dancing girls.

The club features a separate area where you will not see one, but you will see everything. We also have a VIP-lodges for large companies. Wherever you sit, the show will be in full view.

Comfort is not below, and the staff is schooled is not worse than in the business-class best of Arab airlines. Only Virgins at the entrance offers a personal assistant - a very beautiful girl who will fulfill all of your orders. The club has its own taxis and their drivers are sober. In the halls of the club is always fresh air and quite smoky. Lightweight, unobtrusive music complements the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.


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