Historical and Ethnographic Theater

Historical and Ethnographic Theater

Moscow, Rudnevoy Str., 3

The theater was founded in 1988 by young actors - graduates of the Theatre School named after M. Schepkin led by Michael Mizyukovym.

For serious theater name hides a unique team of professional dramatic actors, whose performances are organically combined historical and folk drama, classical direction and aesthetics of folk theater, polyphonic singing and acting, ancient musical instruments, ethnographic costumes bright and colorful vernacular.

All the attention of the young team captured the folklore, tradition and Russian culture. This trend in art proved inexhaustible. The head of the theater was made by the author of several plays and scripts for them. These productions are shown ancient rites and traditions, polyphonic singing, artistry, unique ancient instruments, colorful costumes, with material and finish, characteristic of Russian folk style.


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