Palace of Culture Serafimovicha

Palace of Culture Serafimovicha

Moscow, Sredniy Tishinskiy Lane, 5/7

Theater "School of Modern Drama" was born in 1989 in the first wave of restructuring. Having gained strength in the medium bursting to the creative freedom of the Russian intelligentsia of the late 80s, this wave splashed ashore a considerable amount of experimental studios, "basement" theaters and creative laboratories, most of which was short-lived age.

"School of Modern Drama" was among the few who survived the competition and got a par with the theaters that took a long and glorious career. The theater has found its own niche, which still feels very spacious: a niche of modern drama.

"School" bases its work on traditional principles of Russian repertory theater: it employs a permanent troupe - a team of like-minded, united by common views on artistic creativity.


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