Gipsy Club

Gipsy Club

Moscow, Bolotnaya emb., 3/4

Large popular bar at the Red October. All of the people: the day - eat in the evening - dancing and musical program can be quite diverse. On Friday and Saturday is played alkodens sometimes visited by a large party guests - are cases, such as a DJ-set and Avril Lavigne concert of "Leningrad". On Thursdays, a techno-party, Techno Gipsy (summer - and on Sundays). Sunday - jazz, Tuesday - funk, Wednesday - rock (all - live).

The room is divided into zones of very different interiors: here's a hookah, here - a house in the village, that's - Design Cafe. What is important for the summer, in the presence of a veranda overlooking the Moscow River partly (and partly - in the landscape less scenic), with hammocks, sun loungers, swings and artificial lawn. In winter veranda on the conscience (and surprisingly not ugly) insulated.

In the menu - the emphasis on simple and tasty cuisine, such as soup or pie. There will be treats and for lovers of Thai. There is a window with shawarma, for those who can not wait.


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