Philharmonia of the new musical art

Philharmonia of the new musical art

Moscow, Podsosensky Lane, 20/1

Philharmonic New Music Arts - a new type of concert platform covers a wide range of intellectual audience inclined to learn modern forms of classical and instrumental art and experiments based on them in a digital and analog plane.

Philharmonic New Music Arts is designed to fill the gap between the academic halls with their conservative repertoire and concert clubs are more focused on a moving event and party format. Philharmonic visit can become a favorite form of recreation, not only for hunters with new intelligent forms of art, but for the younger and the older generation, as Hall program will consist of a simple and accessible for understanding the composer's experiments.

Philharmonic New Music Arts - the first private Philharmonic in Russia and in Moscow, pursuing primarily the purpose of satisfying the aesthetic needs of the audience. The main objectives of Phin - providing a platform for the development of local young composers, the exchange of experience between Russian and foreign authors and performers, to create an independent platform, which unites musicians and their audience, build a new, unique format of concert halls in Russia.


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