Andrew's pier

Andrew's pier

Moscow, St. Andrew's Quay

Berth "Andrew's Monastery" is located within the city not far from dull garden at St. Andrew's waterfront. To get to the pier can be from the metro station "Sparrow Hills". Also included is access to transport.

berth occupancy rate average. At the same time taken to mooring the ship as a passenger class, and cargo vessels. Just behind the quay there is a large natural park, as well as architectural landmarks Sparrow Hills.

Quay berth paved and fenced with concrete columns with metal inserts. Sam pier is made of reinforced concrete and is equipped with multiple guns quay for mooring. Along the waterfront decorated green areas as avenues with trees.

In several places, organized boat ramp with the help of concrete stairs, through which passengers can go aboard the ship. Time of the proposed loading or unloading passengers should be discussed with the leadership of the pier. Near the pier has a cafe where you can eat during the day.


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