Club «Rain-Major»

Club «Rain-Major»

Moscow, Izmailovskiy Val Str., 2

Rain-Major - a gathering place for friends, which always welcomes a good man, and where there is always music playing.

The art Kef can be good to sit as one, and with friends. We are not "major", just that we always have a good mood. Mood, which are always ready to share, like a spring rain shares with us the joy that ended with a dreary winter. Therefore, we do not just "Major" and "Rain-Major".

Dance clubs, theme parties, concerts, views art-house cinema, commanding psychological games, kakraoke, sports broadcasts, Wi-Fi ... boring do not happen. Natantsevavshis to fall on our dance floor you for a very democratic price will be able to appreciate the skill of our chef, try any of the 55 cocktails on the bar. And to pass the time playing chess, monopoly or other board game. And if you are going to meet up with friends and one of them came earlier, will help brighten up waiting for a book from our library.


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