Theatre A.R.T.O.

Theatre A.R.T.O.

Moscow Sretensky Boulevard, 6/1, building 2

Moscow Theatre "A.R.T.O." ( "Acting Director's Theatre Company"), is now formed as a single creative team was born, one might say, to overcome forms. Forms stage, first of all - as a revolt against the dead tradition. But purely organizational forms - in search of his own existence. The aesthetics of the theater, not repeating any of the existing methods, but also does not deny any of them - evolved precisely because of the ways to overcome this.

Today Moscow theater "A.R.T.O." continues to live and work according to the principles of the theater laboratory. Despite the external pressures of contemporary theater and social reality theater is still focused on the inner workings, the search for new ways of acting and of the existence of means of stage expressiveness within the non-verbal theater.


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