Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10

Tretyakov Gallery - the most famous art museum in the capital, founded by merchant Pavel Tretyakov in 1856. Today it is the largest public cultural institution, which is composed of several museums, most of which remains in the museum complex Lavrushinsky Lane.

History museum decided to count from 1856, when Tretyakov first paintings were acquired. Gallery was conceived as the national museum of Russian art accessible to a wide audience.

Every year on her halls are more than half a million visitors. Almost 100 traveling exhibitions each year depart from the lane by Lavrushinsky cities of the country. Since Lenin's decree is carried out, having put on the Tretyakov Gallery "nation-wide educational function" - commonly attach to the art of the masses.

The current collection of the Tretyakov Gallery has more than 100 thousand works, temporary exhibitions. In the gallery there are guided tours, children's creative studio work.


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