Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky

Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky

Moscow, Triumph Square, 4

Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky, situated on Triumfalnaya Square - one of the largest concert halls in Russia. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the concert hall has become positioned as the main concert hall of the Moscow Philharmonic, whose capacity 1505 seats.

It takes about 300 concerts a year, attended by more than 350 thousand Muscovites. Significantly wider and more varied palette became concerts and festivals, which are held in the hall of the Moscow Philharmonic. That hall Tchaikovsky became a platform for exclusive Moscow Philharmonic cycles, including "Opera masterpieces", "great orator", "European virtuosos of Moscow", "stars of world opera in Moscow," and several others.

Signs of recent times was the foyer of electronic equipment displays, where you can get acquainted with colorful posters of future events, and see a direct broadcast from the concert.


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