Circus of Dancing Fountains «Aquamarine»

Circus of Dancing Fountains «Aquamarine»

Moscow, Melnikova street, 7/1

"Aquamarine" The scene has unique technical capabilities. In the eyes of the audience, she turns it into a searing cold of the ice rink for ballet dancers, then blooms cascading rainbow fountains. Performing artists - acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, animal trainers, magicians - are invariably accompanied by fountains.

For half an hour before the show and during intermission in the lobby of the Circus is organized colorful kaleidoscope animation program with games and competitions, rides and riding on the merry small train. Kids just do not get bored and will receive an additional charge of positive emotions.

It offers a large and free car parking. In the auditorium there are special free pillows (their number is not limited) - to a small audience could clearly see the scene.


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